Consumer Court directs Paytm to pay Rs.35K for Delivering Wrong Watch

Consumer Court directs Paytm to pay Rs.35K for Delivering Wrong Watch

A district consumer forum here has directed Paytm to pay about Rs 35,000 to a consumer for delivering a different watch instead of the Apple Watch he had ordered.

Rishabh B, the complaint, submitted that he made an online purchase of Apple Watch Series 1 worth Rs 22,900 on Feb 22, 2018. He said that the product was delivered on Feb 24, but added that instead of the Apple Watch, a watch worth Rs 2,350 was delivered.

He said that he had raised multiple complaints with Paytm, but received no response. He added that as per the terms & conditions, the product should be returned within 7 days from the date of receipt, but he didn't do so as the Paytm representatives failed to respond. Claiming that the opposite party cheated him, he filed the complaint seeking compensation.

The Paytm representatives submitted that they just provide a platform for sellers & buyers to sell & buy various goods respectively & that they don’t take ownership of goods at any point in time. They further contended that the actual contract for sale is directly between the merchant & the buyer & that it has no control over the existence, quality, safety or legality of items displayed.

During the trial, the bench said that the complainant isn't bound by the terms & conditions of the opposite party as there is no contract or agreement between them.

“The order was placed to the merchant/seller through Paytm on receipt of the amount from the complainant. As there was a complaint about the wrongly received item, they should have resolved the issue with immediate effect,” said the consumer forum.

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